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April 8, 2024

Unreasonably Committed

The only way to make it through the storms of life is by being UNREASONABLY COMMITTED to Christ and to the Bride of Christ, the local church.

Yesterday was so fun. I love my church and enjoyed serving up The Word of God in Mobile at Harvest Church. I want to invite you, like I did our church community to PREP together for the next storm and adjust to a new PERSPECTIVE and expectation as you go into your next storm. We talked about what it looks like to PRESS toward the prize when the waves roar and the serious business of PLAY in between so you can enjoy the journey. I was absolutely blown away by the research that most important emergency equipment even before food and water and such were things like a flare, a whistle, a radio, a beacon, and a signal mirror. All things to call for help. When lost at sea, like so many of us find ourselves feeling at times, we have to know how to call for help. I’ve been there before and thankfully I sounded the whistle, got help, and came through a very dark storm, and since have written three books about it. Why? People partnered with me to help me out and I want to partner with those who desperately need me to pass it on. I found my happy and now wanta help you find yours. I’ve been spreading the happy like confetti ever since! PARTNER with God and each other. Blow a whistle or send up a flare in times of distress to get the help when you need it, and PAUSE to reflect after the storm on what you learned and how to navigate the next raging winds with even more grace and success!

So if you are so far out in the “middle of it” and can no longer “see land” lift up your eyes, find a mark to aim at over the bow of the boat of your life and get UNREASONABLY COMMITTED to Christ and the Body of Christ – the local church – the HOPE of the world.

It was for the joy set before Him  (us / THE CHURCH ) that He endured the cross. Get in a local church. Serve. Get in community. Give generously of your time, taken, and treasure. And watch the waves be calmed and the wind be hushed.

The time to build an ARK is BEFORE the water rises. There’s no time like the present. Jesus and His Church represent the Ark! Jump it TODAY.

Peace and joy are truly possible.

Go to our Harvest Church You Tube Channel and check out today’s message and I hope it will steady and anchor your soul like it has mine!

And if you wish you had someone to reach out to but just aren’t sure where to turn, I’d love to hear from you. I am available to help or get you to some help or do my best to. Email me at office@harvestmobile-com

Happy Monday!

Adrienne Cooley

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