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April 16, 2023

How to “Get it together”

Wisdom is the key to riches, long life, and honor according to Proverbs 3:16. It goes on to say that wisdom makes our lives pleasant and leads us through life safely and even happily! Sounds like a life that’s “together” to me! Is it just me or do you sometimes feel like she has it together and they seem to have it together while I appear in the mirror as a hot mess?! My husband preached on this, this weekend and it’s just what I needed so wanted to share it with you hoping it will result in a HAPPY MONDAY for you…

Kevin said this and it stung a lil so giving you a head’s up: If there is an area in your life that’s not working or an area you keep failing in, it’s most likely an area where you lack wisdom. You can see that as an Ouchy or as an Opportunity to learn and stop the pain! Let’s go for the latter.

The key to having wisdom is seeking it, first, realizing you don’t have it and need it. Wisdom cries out at the beginning of every street, Proverbs says, not in the middle of the street or at the end when things aren’t working out. So, let’s make a pact together that the moment we start feeling uneasy, anxious, or not comfortable with something, instead of acting like we know what we are doing, digging deeper and trudging through, let’s STOP, admit we are lost, and ASK for directions. Let’s get wisdom before we keep circling in the wilderness for years. If you feel like you are going in circles in an area of life, perhaps there is specific wisdom you are lacking that will shoot you out on a straight away to get where you are trying to go instead of staying stuck on what feels like a round about. Side note: Is your city getting carried away with round abouts like ours is? Random, but I remember when those were only overseas. The first time I experienced one was in Paris and “How cool”, I thought. But in the back woods of Alabama, people are like, “What the heck is this?!” Back to the topic at hand…the point is to not go round and round and let wisdom point you to the right street that will get you where you’re trying to go.

Proverbs 15:21-22  “Folly brings joy to one who has no sense, but whoever has understanding keeps a straight course. 22 Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”

Sorry, stuck on the round about…I just pictured when reading that verse how silly someone would be going round and round hanging out of their car laughing and having a good ole time on one of those round abouts acting as if and literally thinking they were headed somewhere in life. Yet that is exactly the idea of that verse…folly brings joy to one who has no sense of what they are doing and how pointless life is going round and round and round the same issues, the same lack of purpose, the same hang ups, the same circles. Ask God to show you which road to take and get off the round about before you run out of gas!

Who do you have in your life that is more wise than you, that you are accountable to, that you will listen to and be teachable with? Do you have a few people who you can submit the broken systems in your life to and ask for their wisdom?

There were some very widely accepted parenting mindsets we had adopted that were not serving us well as parents and it was driving a wedge between our young adult kids and us. It was almost like magic, the difference it made in our family, when we sought after wisdom and began to apply it. It was not overnight but in a matter of just a few months, as we traded out what we thought to be good parenting for what began to bring life and honor and joy into our family, wisdom helped us “get it together” as a family. But first, Kevin and I had to be willing to face the fact that we did not have wisdom even though we sure thought we did.

Wanta know why anxiety is plaguing this generation more than ever? It’s because pop culture is brainwashing us to think that authority is out to get ya, you can’t trust people in authority, and they have even caused this generation to question our very history as a country. So instead of praying for those who are in authority with hearts of love and compassion toward leaders that we may lead a quiet and peacable life, Gen Z and Millennials are absolutely convinced ministry leaders can and will no longer be trusted, much less politicians and police officers. Teachers and bosses and parents are all stupid and don’t get it because Gen X and Boomers still think our founding fathers were good men. All of us now, no matter the generation we are a part of are pumped sooooo full of wordly wisdom and starved of godly wisdom unless we are super intentional to recognize and cut off the fake and pay attention to the gold when it’s spoken or read.

So here’s what I’m getting at: in Scripture there is something called the Doctrine of Doctrines. What’s that? It’s the doctrine that says we need to be taught. We gotta get okay with knowing we don’t know things until we humble ourselves and put ourselves in a position to learn. Funny enough, the way to get it together is to constantly be willing to admit you don’t “have it together” but also, relaxing about it because after all, you have the mind of Christ and can learn it if you’re teachable so in a matter of time, you’ll “have it together” in yet another area.

What do you think about spending the rest of our lives “getting it together” TOGETHER as a happy sisterhood?!?! …seeking our wisdom TOGETHER and hey, there’s a promise in that verse in proverbs that when we do, we will be happy ANYWAY no matter what life throws at us…well, that’s sort of my translation of it but pretty much, that’s what it’s sayin!

Happy Monday, Ya’ll!



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