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April 25, 2023

Easy as 1, 2, 3

We make things more difficult than they are when we blow them up, get over-philosophical about things, or focus on all the million parts of whatever it is we are trying to accomplish. Am I alone or are ya with me? I’ve noticed lately that if I begin to get overwhelmed about stuff – all the jillion things going on – it’s usually because I’m, as my mom used to say, “making a mountain our of a mole hill”.

Here’s the perspective to have…in contrast to God, it’s all a bunch of mole hills. Yes, that sounded pretty “Mississippi” to say it like that but sometimes ya gotta get back to your roots when you’re trying to bring it home! So next time, something seems blown out of proportion, feels beyond what you can figure out, or just too much to bear, go “Mississippi” on it with me and remember it’s all just a bunch of mole hills!

In reality, even the most complicated matters, the most difficult tasks, or the most impossible problem to be solved can be broken down into steps as easy as 1,2,3. And to boot, we have The Creator of the universe on the inside of us as Christians and we have the mind of Christ. So why do we stress out so much when we have such an advantage in any and every situation?

Next time, something begins to wear on your nerves, relax into the fact that even if it’s perplexing to you, to God it’s as easy as 1,2,3 and He is our teacher, our comforter, and stand-by. He is right there with you to show you the way, to illuminate things to you, and to be your sure guide.

As you may notice, I’ve been sporadic with my blog lately and that’s not like me. But truth of the matter is…the brilliant girl who was posting for me is having a baby literally as I type so I’m learning a new skill of actually posting it and I’ve let this process freak me out a lil so this blog today is from what God is speaking to me as I face this transition with posting my blogs. So, if you’re learning something new like I am, and not hitting the mark at first, people are patient like you guys are being with getting blogs posted. I will get it ironed out soon and so will you with what you are up against. Before long, posting this blog will be easy as 1,2,3 for me and so will whatever you are dealing with.

The great news is that a new precious baby girl will be joining us any minute and so it makes it all worth me learning this! Ya’ll join us in praying for Savannah and her new baby and the family. She has faithfully been the brains behind getting this blog posted for the past year-ish.

Praying for you and hope you had a Happy Monday! If not, it’s not too late!



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